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Business Intelligence Lowongan – When relying on Big Data, the positions of Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA) in the company have an important role in interpreting the information and providing effective solutions for the company.

BI will help you benchmark performance, learn about market trends, increase discipline and improve almost every aspect of your business.

Business Intelligence Lowongan

BI has the responsibility to access and explore corporate data. The main objective is to better understand how a company can work.

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Then from there, BI makes smart decisions to improve performance and create new strategic opportunities for future business growth.

BI makes it easy to apply selected matrices to potential data sets, unstructured data units, data retrieval,

Business Intelligence will help you organize and filter relevant data to decipher past and present trends or patterns.

In addition, BI can be adapted to business, generally BI can also be used for financial analysis, research analysis, and computer system analysis.

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BI and analysts direct what’s happening in the field to give companies the ability to collect and interpret data, so they can make quick decisions and monitor data regularly.

Business Analytics (BA) is complementary to the presence of BI, so that it can be used optimally by interpreting data to predict what will happen in the future based on that data.

BA is a good step for companies, if they want to improve or transform and make better decisions in the future.

BAi can help formulate strategies, identify market opportunities, improve customer relationships, identify potential risks and mitigate threats based on previous assessments and analyses.

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According to Michigan State University, due to the increasing importance of big data, there are various career paths in all fields that they can benefit from.

Usually this involves using statistical analysis to discover the reasons behind events and then predicting and anticipating what will happen in the future.

The difference between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics is that BI helps you know what has happened and what is happening to your business.

Both BA and BI, both are required by businesses and companies. Therefore, it is important to know what your business needs most.

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Is it descriptive analysis or predictive analysis, or maybe both? So comment on the difference between BI and BA.

If you are still curious about this profession, you can join the community and learn more about the business world by registering.

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Bachelor’s degree (S1) in a suitable field of study, as well as work experience in the BA field for at least 1 year;

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Deep understanding of Database Management Systems, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) frameworks and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

Experience implementing best practices in modern software development such as CI/CD, git forking, unit testing and others.

Responsive and proactive, able to analyze and solve problems through a practical approach and according to the rules imposed;

If you want a job at West Java Digital Service, please follow the job vacancy procedure below

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